Vastu Vission

Vastu for Marriage & Relationship

In today’s fast-paced life individuals face challenges in seeking a suitable life-partner and in their relationships after marriage. There is an increasing trend among couples for separation and divorce. Priti Ghosh is pained to see the suffering and unhappiness of people in the life sphere of marriage and relationships.

With the help of Vastu Vission Principles, Priti Ghosh has showcased that marital problems arise as a result of an imbalance in cosmic energy within individuals and their surroundings.

Vastu Principles​

  • Connect with the cosmic energy with directions
  • Balance the cosmic energy with structure
  • Channelize the cosmic energy with Chakras

Vastu Vission Principles helps individuals to find the suitable life partner by enhancing their Heart Chakra (Anhath Chakra) and helps them to create good bonding resulting in successful relationships.

As per Priti Ghosh, the right direction for marriage & relationships is based only on individual’s date of birth.

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Benefits of Vastu Vission on your Health
Attract suitable life partner
Enable happy married life
Improved relationships
Improved second marriage prospects