Vastu Vission

Vastu for Health

A number of lifestyle disorders have globally impacted the people today due to imbalances in the way of living. Millions of people today across the globe, suffer from life-threatening diseases like cancer, kidney stones, mental illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and diabetes. In India, nearly 7.5 million individuals die because of diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart and lung diseases each year.

With a vision to create a healthy society and a productive workforce, Priti Ghosh has introduced the Vastu Vission Principles.

Vastu Principles​

  • Connect with the cosmic energy with directions
  • Balance the cosmic energy with structure
  • Channelize the cosmic energy with Chakras

Vastu Vission Principles helps every individual to activate their self-immune system and ensure their overall health & well-being.

As per Priti Ghosh, the right direction for good health is based only on individual’s date of birth.

Adopt Vastu Vission for Wealth Experience positivity

Benefits of Vastu Vission on your Marriage & Relationships
No daily practice
No dietary or medicine intervention
Activate self-recovering mechanism in your body
Enable overall family well-being